Self Storage Lifts

Southwell’s expertise and wealth of technical knowhow ensures the high technological performance of their complete range of products for goods lifts and freight hoists within self storage facilities. Innovative design unites with customised solutions to fulfil your every requirement.

Atlas Gigas is the ideal traction solution for the Self Storage industry, with rated loads of 1050-2500kg, depending on your needs. Featuring a premium quality gearless motor, Atlas Gigas is equipped with a state-of-theart inverter that provides outstanding ride quality and exceptionally low energy consumption and sound levels. Customise your lift by selecting from a wide choice of design options and finishes.

Features and Benefits
Maximising the 2500kg capacity lift car size to suit EN81-20 standards
Fast speed 1m/second
Stainless steel bump rails for wall protection
Tall door opening 2200mm
1800mm wide door opening
Narrow controller suitable for installation within the doorframe to economise space
Stylish and robust finish to suit premium self storage requirements
Cabin Finishes - Front returns, header and corners: Satin Stainless Steel, Cabin side walls: Satin Stainless Steel, Rear Wall: Satin Stainless Steel, Skirting - floor and corners: Satin Stainless Steel
Ceiling - Type: 07 with 10 spot LEDs, suspended false ceiling, Finish: Satin Stainless Steel
Handrails & Bumper Rails - Type: K6, Ø 38mm, Finish: Satin Stainless Steel, Location: Both Side Walls, Double Bump Rails: 300mm & 600mm off floor, Finish: Satin stainless steel
Flooring - Type: Zinc Plated Steel, Checker Plate
Car Doors - Type: 4 panel, centre-opening, Door and Frame Finish: Satin Stainless Steel
Landing operating - Panel (LOP), Type: LCH AUS Flush Mounted, Finish: Satin Stainless Steel, Location: In door frame, Display: LCD
Buttons - (LOP & COP), Type: HA2300, round, brail, dual illumination (white and blue)
Door Sill - Aluminium
Car Operating Panel (COP) - Type: KCH LCD Flush Mounted, Full, Height, Qty: 2, 400mm from front wall, Finish: Satin Stainless Steel
General Lift Specification
Lift CodeAS 1735 Part 1 - General Passenger Electric Lift
AS 1735 Part 12 - Facilities for persons with disabilities
NCC - National Construction Code
Lift TypeGigas - MRL Traction Lift
FeaturesPower supply 415v 3 Phase - 50Hz, VVVF drive, microprocessor based, supervisory controlled with standard features, including fault code
analysis display, door nudging, phase failure/reversal protection, dwell time, load weighing. Automatic Re-Levelling and A3/UCM compliance
Voice AnnunciationIncluded

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